SYMPATHY JONES: The New Secret Agent Musical


The Spy Tradition

Sympathy Jones: A Musical in the Spy Tradition

From James Bond to Jack Bauer, film and TV viewers have loved following the exploits of suave spies and gun-toting agents tasked to protect the innocent. While the 007 movies have tended towards the serious, it didn’t take long before comedic takes on the spy genre, like Get Smart and Austin Powers, showed viewers the funny side of spies.

The new stage musical SYMPATHY JONES is a spy comedy that introduces a heroine in the tradition of women spies like Emma Peel (The Avengers), Agent 99 (Get Smart), Sydney Bristow (Alias), and, more recently, Melissa McCarthy’s CIA analyst Susan Cooper (Spy). When we first meet Sympathy, she is ambitious but still untested in the field, so she has a lot to learn – but there’s no question that she has the will and the talent to become a great secret agent.

Fans of everything from Mission Impossible and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to Spy Kids and Modesty Blaise will recognize the tropes of the spy world in SYMPATHY JONES, where there is plenty of action, cool gadgets, and of course quirky but dangerous villains. Adults, children, and teens alike have always been fascinated with the spy genre, which is why SYMPATHY JONES has maintained a broad appeal, being performed by and for people of all ages across North America and beyond.

If you love spies, you love musicals, and you love to laugh, you need to meet SYMPATHY JONES!

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